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There was a new fan animation released yesterday, which attempts to give Sombra some backstory.

See it below!

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It has come to my attention that there is still a number of people who, when looking for color references of King Sombra, decide to use an old vector whose author took the colors from an early video preview made with a phone camera.


Since the recording was made with a phone camera, the quality was really low, and the colors far from what is seen in the actual episode. This resulted in King Sombra's colors having inaccuracies such as:

- Eyes not being red, but brown instead;
- Armor and coat having a brownish shade;
- King Sombra's "sideburns" and nose piece having a brighter, blue-ish outline.

Those colors are incorrect. The biggest problem is with the eyes - they are meant to be red, not brown. Other problems are more or less passable, but it's simply disrespectful to the character's design (as controversial as it is) to take the colors from this old vector and give King Sombra brown eyes when they are supposed to be red.

The author of the vector has fixed the colors at this point, but the old version apparently can still be found somewhere, and some people seem to still use it. Authors of vector resources submitted to us that use colors from the old version of this vector will be asked to fix them, or else their submissions will be rejected. Other kinds of digital art are not going to be subjected to this, although I would still strongly encourage people to update their colors.


King Sombra Color Guide  (V 1.1) by Yanoda

While not perfect, it's meant to more or less do justice to what King Sombra looks like in the actual show. There are also vectors in our Vector Resources folder which can be safely used as color guides, though obviously it is highly recommended for you to use the one I have linked above.

Thank you for understanding and for taking the time to read this journal.

Keep Calm and Cryyyyssstaaaal Sssslaaaaaveeesssss.
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Group Info and Rules

The Season 3 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic reveals a new villain of the name King Sombra. This group concentrates on collecting art featuring him.

All membership requests are automatically accepted. You don't need to be a member to submit art, though.

Group's Rules:

:bulletred::bulletred: First, remain respectful to all members; no bashing, insulting etc., always remain nice.

:bulletred::bulletred: Second, we accept only art featuring King Sombra. It doesn't matter if there are other ponies on the image or if he isn't the main focus, just as long as he is present there.

:bulletred::bulletred: Third, we will NOT accept any kinds of explicitly mature content.

:bulletred::bulletred: Fourth, always submit your deviations to the right folders, as detailed below:

:bulletyellow: "Traditional Art" folder is for anything made with pencils, paint etc.

:bulletyellow: "Digital Art" folder is for anything digitally created that isn't a 100% vector.

:bulletyellow: "Vector Resources" folder is specifically for vector traces and other vectors that are meant to be resources for use in t-shirts, wallpapers and various projects. If you don't know a vector is, it's suggested to take a look on Wikipedia or on the MLP-VectorClub's page.

In case of vector traces and other such submissions to this folder, it's required to have good quality, high resolution PNGs (at least 3000px wide or tall) and downloadable source files (SVG, AI, PSD, FLA, etc.). For a better understanding of what is considered good quality, take a look on MLP-VectorClub's rules.

:bulletyellow: "Shipping and Pairings" folder is for deviations featuring love or friendship pairings between King Sombra and other ponies/creatures.

:bulletyellow: "3D and Garry's Mod" folder is for deviations featuring King Sombra's or corrupted ponies' 3D models in either any 3D programs, Garry's Mod game or Source Filmmaker. See Gmod-Ponies group for a better understanding of what Garry's Mod is.

:bulletyellow: "Humanized and Anthro" folder is for everything where King Sombra is depicted as a human, or with a humanoid body.

:bulletyellow: "Rule 63" folder is for everything where King Sombra is depicted as a woman.

:bulletyellow: "The many forms of the King" folder is for everything where King Sombra is neither his usual self nor a human, anthro or a woman. Includes depicting him as animals and other creatures, and also various objects and vehicles.

:bulletyellow: "Corrupted Ponies" folder is for everything that features ponies (or any MLP characters) corrupted by King Sombra's dark magic or using this magic.

:bulletyellow: Regular members cannot upload anything to the "Featured" folder - only administrators decide what can be featured there.

:bulletyellow: You can always ask me (ZuTheSkunk) if you're uncertain where to upload the deviation or does it fit the group at all.

We are NOT currently looking for any new contributors/co-founders of the group.





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darkangle213 4 days ago  Student Artist
Please would you like to add SomDashFamily to your Affiliates
Lucky321 Mar 6, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
can I join this group?
TobiIsABunny Jan 29, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
i did
fusionfalllovers Jan 14, 2014  Student General Artist
king sombra is epic.
King Sombra is better  than discord
ShinyWhiteWaters Nov 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know it says this group won't accept any explicitly mature content, but art with mature content WITH the filters on okay?
We mean mature content in general. The rules of the site state clearly that all mature content must have proper filters - if it doesn't, then not only does it not fit our group, but it also violates the rules of the site.
DreamRevolution Nov 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist


FINALLY someone else Who sees Sombra in His Current Shadowy state in "The Crystal Empire" parts 1 & 2 as the MLP version of...... Well..... Since the character (*Whose name begins with a "G".*) I'm comparing Sombra to is Tramatizingly terrifying beyond imagination (*I'm actually shock that human beings & Nintendo video game makers came up with that THING. Don't even wanna see pictures of whom I'm comparing Sombra to Up on the comment responses.*) I've desided to place Sombra's & "The Mystery Videogame badguy's" quotes side by side to give you all a hint.

"Crystals...... Crystals....... Crystals...."

"I am ....H..A..P..P..Y"


"I feel..... G...O...O..D..."



"What?.... No... No! ...Stop"

"It's not right... not right... not right..."

I hope that hint will be enough.

(Oh, If You guys wanna know How I see Sombra before His defeat at the hooves of Celestia & Luna. I always saw Him as an MLP version of Khan from the Star Trek episode "Space Seed" & "Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Kahn". I can even imagine Pre MLP series, Sombra with Ricardo Montalbán's Voice/Accent too.)

I hope My thoughts & Comments would be of Help in Creating More Sombra Stories, Fanarts, Animations, Paintings, ect.  

<br / />

I always love to give out ideas & share creative & imaginative thoughts.

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